Key Currency Money Transfer Review

This review for the Key Currency money transfer company is made to easily explain the pros and cons of using it when you need to make a money transfer. We put our focus in highlighting the important stuff like fees, exchange rates, the online trading platform, the support and the overall level of service provided.

📝 Key Currency is not among one of the best money transfer companies for May 2020, based on our editorial rankings. Key Currency is indeed a well-known company, but we advise you read about these Key Currency recommended alternatives here.
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🏛️ Established 2015
🌎 International Clients ✗ Does not accept American Clients
💱 Currencies Offered 32
💷 Minimum Transfer No Minimum
📲 Trading via Online Money Transfer Platform or Telephone
🏢 Offices In UK, Spain, The Netherlands
⚖️ Regulation ✓ Financial Conduct Authority (UK)
🤯 Fees No Fees
Promotional Code None
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Client Reviews 400 on TrustPilot
⭐ Client Rating 9.6 / 10
Best Currency Provider at the 2016 Online Personal Wealth Awards
Best Currency Exchange Service in 2018 at the ADVFN International Finance Awards
Best Currency Exchange Service in 2019 at the ADVFN International Finance Awards
👍 Advantages Professional Staff

Transparent Ownership

No Minimum Trading Volume

All Clients Go Directly To Dealers

👎 Disadvantages Small Number of International Offices

No Mobile App

Relatively Small and New

Company Information and Credibility

Company size:  

KeyCurrency is a relatively new contender in the FX space. The firm was established in 2015, and is privately owned by the company’s directors: Clive Cooke, James Pinkney, Jon Pinkney and Andrew Gibson, all of which have extensive background in foreign exchange. Clive Cooke, the chairman of the firm, was previously the CEO of City Index, one of the better known forex trading firms in the world.

The company has 20 employees at the moment, and boasts “respectable” trading volumes considering they were only recently established in 2015. It is nothing comparable to the big players in this field like World First, Currencies Direct, Moneycorp, HiFX, XE, or Transferwise, but if they maintain their current trajectory, they might be able to get there in a matter of years.

What separates Key Currency from its competitors is the fact they boast a straightforward “no minimum” policy, which means no trade is too small for them to handle, and each and every trade inquiry goes directly to the dealer, rather than the on-boarding team (like larger firms do for smaller-value transfers).

Regulated By: 

Financial Conduct Authority (UK)


Key Currency has won more awards than the industry average, as follows:

  • Key Currency has won more awards than the industry average, as follows:
  • Best Currency Provider at the 2016 Online Personal Wealth Awards
  • Best Currency Provider at the 2016 Online Personal Wealth Awards
  • Best Currency Exchange Service in 2018 at the ADVFN International Finance Awards
  • Best Currency Exchange Service in 2019 at the ADVFN International Finance Awards


All in all KeyCurrency is a new company with not much of a track record, and smaller trading volumes in comparison to the largest competitors, but they do show great potential for growth.

The fact they are completely transparent about their ownership and operations towards both clients and towards’s reviewers, makes us wholeheartedly believe  they are representing something “else” that this industry might have been missing – a new, hungry and motivated, service oriented company with a sincere approach to business, led by people who know the ins and outs of foreign exchange trading.

Client Feedback


There are a lot more Key Currency client reviews online than there were when we firstinserted their review into the site circa early 2017. The number of Trustpilot reviews has grown steadily from 50 to over 400. We could not locate any online reviews of the firm outside of TrustPilot whether on forums or blogs. The reviews have remained very highly positive giving us a very good feel about the company. 400 online reviews is impressive but still hard to compare with bigger companies that have thousands of positive reviews accumulated over a period of 10 years + like World First.

Positive:Over 99%of the reviews are of clients who are content with KeyCurrency’s services. They reported the following:

  • Great service. Clients feel appreciated.
  • Providing solid advice on the currency markets.
  • Efficiency in conducting transactions – quick and smooth.
  • Patience for clients who are not savvy about the market.
  • Good saving made against banks.
Negative:Just 3 of the 415 reviews on Trustpilot are negative. One of these related to the late delivery of a payment but it’s not clear whether there was a delay by Key Currency or the bank. Another related to a poor rate achieved by the user who admitted it would have been best to conduct research into the rates with a number of providers.


Over 400  current and past clients think Key Currency is a great company to work with. These clients were extremely positive about every dealing with the company. We are looking for additional reviews, though.

Exchange Rate & Fees


Fees: There are no fees on trades, regardless of the amount of currencies used.

Exchange Rates: Key Currencyoperates in the same fashion as almost any other company in this industry, with the exception of Transferwise and Currencyfair, which means they do not have fixed margins they use. The bigger the trade is, and less exotic are the currencies involved, the better the rate a client would receive.

Limits: There are absolutely no minimums.


A no fee policy is what we like to hear. It is difficult to comment on the expected exchange rates at the current moment, but if we were to rely on the few client reviews we have discovered online, they generally appear to be competitive.

Global Reach & Service


  • Dedicated Dealer: Yes, for all trades
  • Offices: UK, Representatives in Spain and Netherlands
  • Ways to approach: Email or telephone (UK number).
  • Translations: None.
  • Accepts clients: From UK, EU, Australia.
  • Currencies Handled: 39


KeyCurrency have only one UK office in Cornwall, as well as two representative offices in Spain and Holland. There is  no website translation or international phone number that would indicate they really do appeal to international clients.On the other hand, based on its client reviews, they appear to be providing excellent service, and appear to have a team with longstanding experience in the foreign exchange industry. Every single director, as well as the head of trading, and the head of corporate FX, appears to have an extensive background in this industry: from a GM of a large import-export company, through wealth management, forex trading, banking and of course – currency payments. We have reasons to believe the type of guidance they provide is top-notch.

Additional Functionalities

  • Rate alerts.
  • Market updates.
  • Limit orders.
  • Forward contract.
  • Regular transfers.



Key Currency does not offer an app for the time being.


A rather plain vanilla offering on that end. All the basics are there, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Special Features Score
Key Currency Review
79 of 1001 review
  • Credibility Score – 80%
  • Client Feedback – 85%
  • Fees, Exchange Rates – 80%
  • Global Reach, Availability, Service – 75%
  • Added Values – 75%

Bottom Line

Key Currency is by no means the largest or most well-known company in the currency industry, but they appear to be a very solid company. Their main advantage is a knowledgeable staff with many years of experience, and personalised service to clients of all levels (including small private clients). It is worth checking out their rates by signing up free of charge.


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